An Old Friend Of Oasis Reveals The Key To The Band’s Reunion


Paul ‘Bigun’ Ashbee was the man who helped Oasis in the early days to form as a band. The long-standing friend of Liam has made a call out for the group to reunite. Asbee maintains that Liam and Noel’s mu, Peggy, could be the key factor in the band coming back together.

Paul claims the Gallagher Brothers need to heal their deep wounds and start making tunes again passionate loyal fans. Ashbee is convinced their mum might be the only person able to achieve a resolution to the brother’s deep rift. Speaking to the Manchester Evening News Ashbee explained,

“I really do think a reunion will happen. I thought it would happen last year and a lot of people say today they’ll never get on but they’ve never got on. It wouldn’t take much for them to get together. It would be a Christmas dinner or Peggy saying ‘come on boys, for your mum, for the people.'”

Ashbee added that the brothers need to simply snap out of it, “They need to get over themselves and remember where it started. It’s the fans that it’s all about.”

Paul has been a mate of Liam for 32 years. They met when the outspoken singer was only 14 and they got talking while Liam was playing pool at a mate’s house. Ashbee gave Liam a job as a car valet and made rock music history when he introduced Liam to his childhood pal Bonehead. He was in a band called The Rain which would later become Oasis.

To allay any pre-audition nerves Paul remembers that Bonehead hurled the shell of a tarantula spider at a young 17-year-old Liam.

“Bonehead had a tarantula that had just shed and he threw this thing. He said to him ‘so you want to be a band then, but can you f***ing sing?’ and he said ‘yeah I sing in the shower. He started singing and I thought ‘wow’. From that day we were so excited and everything just clicked. I knew with Noel’s songwriting and poetry it was there. Oasis was meant to be.”

Paul said in an interview that the name Oasis is derived from the Oasis aquarium on Great Clowes Street, Lower Broughton. The word itself was also written on an Inspiral Carpets poster in Liam’s bedroom.