150-Year-Old Dublin Music Shop Set to Close Doors Due to Family Illness


A family-run music shop that has taken up residence in Dublin’s city centre for the last 150 years is set to close its doors in the near future. 

Charles Byrne’s music shop announced their impending closure earlier this week, much to the lament of their longtime customers in the capital. 

Dubliners have since sounded off online, sharing anecdotes about the music shop, where many locals purchased their firsts instruments. 

Others added that the shops closure is the latest in a long line of closures that marks the “quickly disappearing” colorful and unique landscape of old Dublin. 

In a statement released on the shop’s Facebook page, owner Charlie explained that the closure was prompted by an illness in the family. 

They wrote: “This is an announcement I never thought I would make, certainly not two or three years ago.

“But life has changed dramatically (for many of us) in that time and some very difficult decisions have had to be made.

“We have not been open due to a family illness and last few weeks have been extremely difficult and emotional on top of a very difficult few years.

“The question of continuing the shop has been a constant issue .

“The stark reality is between Covid lockdowns and caring full time, continuing to trade is really not an option.

“It would require a level of commitment, time, money, and emotion that none of us are able to give; life is short, and a work life balance has to be restored.

“I know that so many of you will understand this and have experienced similar choices. I hope you will all understand this decision.”

The statement continued: ” I have the fondest memories of feiles, and sales days, and ukuhoolies, and sales evenings, and workshops and Saturdays when some of ye would call in just for a chat.

“Some great and I sincerely hope enduring friendships have emerged.

“We’re so sad to say goodbye to those days, but we know we’re making a decision that is right for us as a family. Leaving 150 years of tradition is hard.

“Thank you all sincerely for the support, the custom, the laughs, the kindness and the joy you brought to us.”

Fans of the shop will be able to show their support and say a proper goodbye when the location’s clearance sale begins this Saturday. 

One musician tweeted: I’m sorry to deliver a sad announcement. The 150+ year tenure of Charles Byrne’s shop is coming to an end.

“Thank you to the Byrne family for the many memorable exchanges of laughs, stories, music, and kindness.

“Yet another cultural loss for Dublin town.

“The closure is being done on the family’s own noble terms as they prioritise Charlie, who has Alzheimers.

“The decision has also been expedited by the pandemic. Please consider supporting the family during their clearance sale on the Sat 16th and 18–23rd October.”