24 Years After He Died: Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Shares Original Song


On Thursday 4th of April, the 24th Anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s passing his daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, shared a clip of her singing an original vocal melody. It’s since been removed from Instagram. The song was called ‘I saw you when I was small.’ Frances delivered a pretty soulful vocal with perhaps an indication of a burgeoning singing career? Writing on Instagram, Frances said,

‘A) there are so many memeable moments in this clip B) I’m SUPER restless because i can’t play guitar with long nails so I’m just sitting in my room alone singin to mah self C) not having a TV in my house is the best decision because I’m forced to occupy my time with things that feed my brain & soul instead of wasting energy on thinking about not having to think  (p.s. pls don’t steal my baby bean of an idea. Thanks.)’

She Spoke to a fan in the comments about the lyrics to the melody,

‘It’s my song the lyrics are: ‘I think I saw you when I was small/I think I found you/A penny for your good thoughts/I think I found you/Jesus hangs in your place on the cross/All these hinges become unscrewed/Heaven knows it was a cage on earth.’ I also have a very freaky deeky line that goes ‘Stable sable sold her heart/No one asks her why she hides in a basket in her house in a box/Find a fiend who reigns supreme in May/Fast enough for blooming buds to lay their egg.” Alas, we might have to wait for a studio version before we can hear her dulcet tones again.