Watch The New Video For AC/DC’s ‘Realize’

By Pat Courtenay

It’s time to start ’em young!

AC/DC have inspired a new children’s alphabet book, using the band and its music to teach pre-schoolers their ABCs. The new book is the creative work of an Australian touring agency, record label and merchandise company, Love Police.

One entry from the book reads, “A is for Angus [Young], who thinks it’s good luck, to wear a school uniform, and walk like a duck.”

Another one says, “C is for Cliff [Williams], who plays on the bass, likes only 4 notes and has a nice face.”

How about, “J is for jail, with no liberty, break the hell out, you’ve got to be free.”

Love Police’s founder Brian Taranto says, “Yeah, it’s a kids book, but any AC/DC or music fan will find something on every page.”

Love Police has already released three music-themed alphabet books, starting with M Is For Metal in 2007. Then there was Never Mind Your Ps and Qs: Here’s The Punk Alphabet the following year, and in ’09, the company put  out ABC and W: The Country And Western Alphabet Book. According to Music Feeds, Angus Young personally approached Love Police’s Brian Taranto about doing a book, after he read M is for Metal! during lockdown.

The AC/DC AB/CD High-Voltage Alphabet will be released into the wild on the 11th of November, and you can pre-order it here