After Christy Clanger, Dave Fanning Apologises Again After Nuremburg Trial Remark

Dave Fanning

RTÉ’s Dave Fanning has apologised for branding the Oireachtas Committee meetings over the recent payments scandal a “nonsensical Oireachtas Nuremberg trial” in promoting his interviews with the late great Rory Gallagher upon what was the 75th birthday of the late guitarist.

The original tweet which was promoting his radio show as a “distraction” from the hearings has been deleted.

The issue was raised today by Labour TD Alan Kelly who asked a to whether it was appropriate.

The newly installed RTÉ Director General Kevin Bakhurst responded: “is not appropriate from my point of view.”

He continued to say, “the work of this Committee has been incredibly important to try to” get to the bottom of the RTÉ over-payments scandal.

It follow another apology issued by the veteran jock on twitter after caustic comments about the late Christy Dignam on the Clare Byrne radio show on RTÉ and to his influence and standing after the recent death of the Aslan frontman.