Arnold Schwarzenegger and Nickelback engage in a brief but beautiful twitter spat.


We all know there are two types of people in the world. Those of us that like Nickelback and those that don’t. For the last several years, Nickelback have been known more for being the band that everyone loves to hate rather than being known for their awesome music.  Now Nickelback hate has reached peak levels as it is being used by Arnold Schwarzenegger to diss the US Congress.

The former California Governor took aim at the band in a video he posted where he likened the band to herpes. (Which to be fair isn’t that far of a stretch, both do tend to pop back up when you least expect it and never seem to fully go away.)

The band didn’t take it lying down and swung back at The Terminator star with a reference to his equally highly underappreciated role in Batman and Robin. Things quickly simmered down between Arnold and Chad + the Lads but you can check out the twitter “banter” below.

To be fair to Arnie his main issue was indeed the issue of gerrymandering in the Congress.  Nickelback also have been in on the joke for years about the bands poor reputation, but they’re lying in beds of millions of dollars so we don’t think they care too much.

And for those of us that were worried that Nickelback were fading into the night, fear not because they’re going to back in a few months with a new album. After they recently signed a global record deal with BMG, they announced the June 9 release of their upcoming ninth album, Feed the Machine, preceded by its eponymous first single.