Astrologer Extraordinaire Mystic Meg Has Died

Mystic Meg

The popular soothsayer Mystic Meg has died at the age of 80.

The widely-known British astrologer, real name Margaret Lake died on Thursday morning having been admitted to hospital with flu last month.

Lake, who was taught astrology by her grandmother, was born on 27 July 1942 in Accrington, Lancashire.

She became a household name in 1994 when she hosted a slot on the National Lottery draw where she looked into a crystal ball to predict a future winner.

Lake pioneered phone-in horoscopes, launching a dedicated phone line in 1989 that broke BT records. She had a regular column in the Sun and the now-defunct News of the World.

Her agent, Dave Shapland, said: “Without any question, she was Britain’s most famous astrologer by a million miles. Nobody came close to Meg in that respect. She was followed by millions in this country and also around the world.

She even became part of the English language – if a politician, somebody from showbiz or ordinary people in the street are asked a tricky question they will say: ‘Who do you think I am, Mystic Meg?’

Broadcaster and former newspaper editor Piers Morgan said: “Mystic Meg was Britain’s most famous astrologer and a fascinatingly mysterious lady who loved her work with a passion but was rarely seen or heard in public.

I was her editor at the News of the World for several years and she was extraordinarily professional in everything she did. A master of her very popular craft.