Axl Rose Reveals “Full G N’ R Tour” This Year


Axl Rose recently said that Guns N’ Roses will be going out on a full tour this year. A fan of the band bumped into Axl Rose and revealed the news on his Instagram account.

Mark Guglielmo meet up with Axl Rose over the weekend and found out some new information about their reunion tour. Guns N’ Roses will reunite with Rose, Slash and Duff Mckagan all getting back together this year.

In the Instagram post Guglielmo wished Axl Rose good luck with the “few shows” that they have coming up. Rose responded by saying “thanks, man, but we’re going to do a whole tour.”

This quote suggests that the band will be playing much more than just the shows they have scheduled at the moment. The fan also added “I don’t want to speculate or spread rumors, but it really looked like he’s been working out a lot. His arms looked muscular.”

There had been speculation over whether or not original Guns N’ Roses members Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler would be part of the shows or a possible stadium tour this summer.

Stradlin recently confirmed via Twitter that he will have no involvement in the new tour, while Adler has yet to comment on the situation.

Photo Credit: Laura Cox