Baby On The Downward Spiral

Nine Inch Nails

How do you stop your baby crying?

A father has found a solution by playing Nine Inch Nailsto his baby girl. The video posted on YouTube, begins with a very weepy baby, but when Nine Inch Nails track, Copy Of A‘ starts, she lets out a little “Woo”, her eyes widen and the tears are replaced with a massive grin. As the song progresses, she even manages some head-banging and dancing.

The Father, Gary Kennedy, captions the video saying:

“For whatever reason this song makes her happy. I thank Trent Reznor for turning my crying child into a smiling dancer”

Warning this little girl has clearly ignored all ‘Parental Advisory’ cautions.

Nine Inch Nails are currently on tour with Soundgarden in The United States.