Bomb Threat Made Against Home Of Taoiseach Simon Harris While Wife And Children Present


A bomb threat was made against the home of Taoiseach Simon Harris, with his wife and children present.

A security alert was made at Mr Harris’ home, after a person reportedly rang the Samaritans helpline to report that a bomb had been placed at the Taoiseach’s house, while also providing a code word.

The Taoiseach’s home was searched after Gardaí arrived. As no device was found, his family did not have to vacate the property.

A spokesperson for Mr Harris also declined to comment when contacted.

“outrageous” threats against Harris and others

Despite the incident being treated as a hoax, serious concerns surrounding security have been expressed.

“This is outrageous. This is a family home”, one source said. “This is a young family who have been subjected to three incidents at their home in the past 11 weeks”. 

This is the latest incident of this kind to taken place where politicians have been targeted.

Hoax bomb threats were also made against Justice Minister Helen McEntee. Her family were also forced to evacuate their home on several occasions.

In recent weeks, far-right protestors descended upon Mr Harris’ home, which Gardaí are investigating as harassment.

A group of people wearing masks arrived at the house, with three arrests being made as part of Garda investigations into intimidation and harassment.

Previously, Simon Harris had this to say on the recent security threats facing politicians.

“Of course there’s the distinction between protest and some of the carry-on that we see outside certain people’s homes. I’m speaking broadly in relation to that, and certain scenarios around the country”, he said.

The Taoiseach also added: “Protest is a fundamental part of democracy. Protesting does not equate to thuggery. I know the difference. I’m glad the guards know the difference, and the people of Ireland are certainly aware of the difference as well”. 

“I’m very grateful to An Garda Síochána for their incredible work”.