You Can Buy Elvis Presley’s Old Piano On Ebay


While there’s millions of strange items to buy on Ebay, one which you definitely don’t see every day is a white Knabe baby grand piano – once owned and played by Elvis Presley. 

The piano popped up on the popular auction site this month and bids are currently being taken for the piano until the 20th of August. It has apparently also been played by musicians Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Count Basie and W.C Handy.

It was made in 1912  and was later moved to the Memphis Auditorium in the 1930s. It was bought by Presley in 1957, who had it customised to his personal taste and specifications. He placed it in his music room at Graceland and it remained there until 1969.

The statement on the piano says: “It was played constantly by Elvis and many friends for practice sessions, friendly sing alongs and untold numbers of jam sessions by Elvis and visiting celebrities to Graceland and became one of Elvis’s most loved, personal musical instruments.”

The winning bidder of the piano will also receive custom travel cases, original documents and photographs, the original bench and a copy of the LIFE magazine titled ‘The King Lives On: Remembering Elvis Presley.’

A percentage of the money from the sale will be donated to the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Photo Credit: John Booty