Oireachtas Sports Committee

Chair Of Oireachtas Sports Committee ‘Deeply Concerned’ About FAI

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The Chair of the Oireachtas Sport Committee says he’s ‘deeply concerned’ about the governance of the FAI.

There have been more questions about how the organisation is run – leading to John Delaney stepping down as CEO.

He’ll take up the newly-created role of Executive Vice President on a lower salary.

Representatives from the organisation are due to appear before the Oireachtas Sport Committee next month.

Chairperson Fergus O’Dowd insists it won’t be a witch hunt – and wants answers about the FAI’s governance:

“I’m deeply concerned – I think this is a key moment in our country in terms of sports – especially in terms of soccer – and significant changes have occurred over the last weekend – the public need answers and they need clarity and we’ll see what comes out but  most of all they want real change.”