Check Out British Sea Power’s New Video


Indie rock band, British Sea Power have released a new video for ‘Don’t Let The Sun Get In The Way’.  Directed by JC Verona, you can view it above.

It’s the third track taken from this year’s Let The Dancers Inherit The Party album recorded with Golden Chariot Records.


The UK band hail from Kendal, Cumbria but are now based in Brighton. They’ve been compared to Joy Division and the Pixies. We absolutely loved the first single, ‘Bad Bohemian’, here at NOVA. (Check it out below.) Their latest release, ‘Don’t Let The Sun Get In The Way’ definitely doesn’t disappoint either.

“It was made to a background of politicians perfecting the art of unabashed lying, of social-media echo chambers, of click-bait and electronic Tonka Toys to keep us entertained and befuddled,” guitarist Martin Noble has said of their most recent LP.

“There wasn’t a plan to create an album with any particular subject matter but we’ve kind of ended up with a case of ’think global, act local’ – an album where individuals are dealing with their domestic and personal lives against a background of uncontrollable international lunacy.”

Since 2008, the British Sea Power line-up has consisted of Jan Scott Wilkinson (known as Yan – vocals, guitar), Neil Hamilton Wilkinson (known as Hamilton – bass guitar, vocals, guitar), Martin Noble (known as Noble – guitar), Matthew Wood (known as Wood – drums), Phil Sumner (cornet, keyboards), and Abi Fry (viola). The only former member is Eamon Hamilton (keyboards, vocals, percussion, guitar), since 2006 the frontman of Brakes.

BSP took to the stage at Glastonbury last weekend and have more UK festival dates lined up for the summer. There next is in support of The Killers’ British Summer Time gig at Hyde Park in London on July 8th.

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