Check Out Bruce Springsteen’s Cameo On ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’


Bruce Springsteen made a recent cameo appearance in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. 

Bruce Springsteen’s cameo on the show which you can check out below, came from the second episode of the 12th and final season of this sitcom.

The episode which is titled ‘The Lawn Jockey’, follows the fictional fallout, after Curb star Larry David hands out bottled water to election voters, waiting in a queue, which is a violation of the 2021 Election Integrity Act in the state of Georgia.

“took a big risk” – Says Bruce Springsteen

In the episode, Bruce Springsteen is spotted responding to Larry David’s conduct, as part of a fake news interview on MSNBC.

“Larry David took a big risk”, The Boss can be heard saying. “He took his name and his body on the line. Involvement. That’s Larry David’s middle name. Larry ‘Involvement’ David”. 

Speaking about the singer’s cameo, Jeff Schaffer, executive producer for Curb Your Enthusiasm, said that it was exciting because “you never see [Springsteen] on TV shows”.

He added, “It seemed like a really huge deal, because you never get to see that — and also, it’s Bruce f****** Springsteen”. 

Check out this cameo for yourselves below.

Earlier this month, Bruce Springsteen also paid tribute to his late mother Adele, who passed away aged 98, having been battling Alzheimer’s Disease for over a decade.

Adele bought her son his first guitar when he was 7 years old. She always encouraged him to pursue his passion of music.

See this tribute here.