Church Used By AC/DC For Music Video Sells For $6 Million


The famous church where AC/DC used to shoot the music video for their track ‘Let There Be Rock’ has been sold for $6 million.

Filmed in July 1977, the single features Cliff Williams on bass, while Mark Evans also played on the track.

As the band’s album was being released, Mark Evans left the band, to be replaced by Williams.

Check out the track for yourselves below.

Property Sold

The church which was used by AC/DC for this track, was estimated to be sold for a reported $4.5 million.

However, 42 bids for the building led it to surpassing it’s original estimate. It was eventually sold for $6 million.

News of this comes just months after AC/DC also confirmed the release of a brand new new children’s alphabet book in their native Austrailia.

The book itself arrived on shelves last week (November 11). It is also full of colourful imagery and humour inspired by rockers AC/DC.

A is for Angus [Young], who thinks it’s good luck, to wear a school uniform, and walk like a duck.” Or, “C is for Cliff [Williams], who plays on the bass, likes only 4 notes and has a nice face”, an extract from the book reads.

Titled The AC/DC AB/CD High-Voltage Alphabet, the book was produced and designed by Paul McNeil, and released via Love Boat, a touring, merchandise company and record label.

The band’s frontman Brian Johnson also confirmed the release of his autobiography, ‘The Lives of Brian’.

“From growing up in the northeast, the son of a former British army sergeant-major and an Italian mother, to fronting world’s biggest rock band, The Lives of Brian tells one of the best stories in music in Brian’s own inimitable voice”, director Rowland White said.

The book about the life story of the AC/DC frontman was released via Penguin Random House. More on this from Nova here.