Def Leppard Will Be Back In The Studio Soon


Def Leppard have announced that they will be getting back in the studio sooner than you think. They said that fans won’t have to wait another seven years for a new album.

They released their self-titled 11th album last year, which was their first full-length effort since 2008’s Songs From The Sparkle Lounge.

Guitarist Viv Campebell said that fans won’t have to wait as long for a new album. In a recent interview with Billboard, Campbell said “I do think it’s encouraged us a lot to the extent I think we’ll see another record a hell of a lot sooner than the time between this one and the last one. There’s always stuff around – there’s always ideas. Everyone in the band is reasonably prolific.”

He also said “It’s never the question of not having enough songs – it’s a question of what kind of songs. Every Def Leppard album has to have all these different flavours and hit all these different marks. It’s not a question of just showing up with a dozen rock songs. So that’s what takes a lot of time.

Photo Credit: diana Margarit