Dylan Hotel Has Gone Electric

Bob Dylan Says Boredom Was His Biggest Inspiration

Forget the Hotel California and the Hotel Yorba, a new hotel inspired by Bob Dylan’s music has opened in Woodstock, New York, named the Hotel Dylan.

The owner Paul Covello had dreams of creating something more than just an ordinary hotel. The Dylan has replaced a defunct restaurant, and has become the centerpiece property on Route 28. It already has music lovers, hikers and people trying to escape the sweltering Manahttan heat, flocking to stay there.

The Hotel Dylan has rooms named after musicians associated with the Woodstock area and the 1969 festival. “The Jimi” is next to “The Roadies” and “The Van” shares a wall with “The Hippie Chick”. Every room has a turntable, so you can play vinyl while you enjoy your stay.


Owner Covello says he plans to build a gastropub downstairs, and upstairs, there will be a music venue for “intimate, unplugged concerts.”

The opening coincides with the anniversary of Bob Dylan going electric on July 25th, 1965. The 24-year-old folk singer-songwriter, cast aside his acoustic guitar, plugged in a Fender Stratocaster guitar and launched into an electrified version of ‘Maggie’s Farm’. A chorus of shouting and boos rained down on him from the stunned audience, prompting the famous “Judas” jibe.

If you are planning a stay at The Hotel Dylan rates start at €140.