Electric Picnic Have Just Announced A New Addition To The Festival

The Prodigy Start The Dance At Electric Picnic As The Final Line-Up Is Revealed!

Electric Picnic have just announced a new addition to their upcoming sold-out festival this September. The popularity of holidays to the island of Thailand has increased hugely in the last few years. Which has been very evident on Instagram. Electric Picnic and Just Eat have noticed the holiday trend and have brought one of the main attractions of the trip to you at Electric Picnic this year!

A Full Moon Party will rock the Just Eat Retreat at the festival, seeing plam trees and over 200 tonnes of sand shipped to Stradbally. There’ll be lots of neon body painting available too in case you don’t already have your festival war paint on.

Brand ambassador for Just Eat, Vogue Williams said at the announcement today:

“I love travelling and I love going to festivals, so I am really excited about experiencing exotic flavours and partying at Just Eat’s Full Moon Party at Electric Picnic this year. The Retreat has it all this year, a place to let loose and dance, but also a place to relax and refuel with the Just Eat Waiters on hand to take orders and deliver food and drink to you while you enjoy top DJ sets and enjoy a tropical beach at the heart of the festival”.

You can pretend you’re chillin’ on the beach as you sit in one of the Just Eat deckchairs, viewing and listening to the sights and sounds of the ocean on a big screen. All while digging in to special SABA Thai Spice Bags and enjoying Full Moon Cocktails – all delivered to you by the Just Eat waiters!


Photo Credit: The Zender Agenda