“F**k Politicians”- Brian Johnson On His Non-Political Stance


AC/DC singer Brian Johnson has shed light on why he abstains from voting in US elections, adding that his non-political stance could even start a revolution.

In a recent interview, the band’s frontman speaks about numerous topics, including his love of cars, which managed to turn into a chat about his dislike of politicians and their fondness for electric-powered vehicles.

Dismissing the notion that “electric is the future”, Johnson argued his case.

“It’s not the future. They’re dirty. They’re going to be dirty to get rid of, too. Electric’s where it is because politicians want to look green in front of people. It’s all nonsense. F*** ’em”, he said.

“its your fault”

It was at this point when Johnson revealed that he has never voted in a US election in his life.

“People go, ‘Oh, well. It’s your fault then,” he says. “I go, ‘No, no. It’s your f****** fault for voting these cretins in”.

He also added, “What would happen if both the candidates got zero votes? Revolution, that’s what would f****** happen. And we’d get the right people in”. 

Brian Johnson was promoting his memoir The Lives of Brian, which was released last month.

In the book, Johnson who relocated to America in 1995, also addressed the rumour that former AC/DC singer Bon Scott wrote the track ‘Back In Black’.

“There was one particular journalist — a writer in Australia — who just wouldn’t let go of this thing”, Johnson explained to Rolling Stone magazine about the reasons for his decision to address this rumour.

“And of course, Malcolm and Angus [Young] were like, ‘What a fucking load of bullshit.’ And I said, I wish you would tell him”, he continued.

“And their attitude was always, ‘Just leave it. Just let them talk himself into a f*****’ early grave.’ And of course, it became more and more obvious by the day that Bon hadn’t, because the riffs weren’t written then. The boys were still doing it. So we didn’t say anything because otherwise it would have given him more fame”.

“It wasn’t something that stuck in me craw a lot,” Johnson adds, “but every now and again, a fan would come up and say, ‘This guy’s saying this.’ And factually, it wasn’t true. There wasn’t an internet then; it didn’t really get further than Australia. But I thought it was awful I had to explain meself and that’s why in the book, I went, once and for all, I want to put this baby to bed”.