Foo Fighters and Muse pay tribute to Kurt


The Foo Fighters and Muse have both paid tribute to Kurt Cobain at the weekend on the twentieth anniversary of the Nirvana frontman’s death.

Dave Grohl led the tributes through social media outlets which linked an image of Kurt with a stream of the Beatles “In My Life”, a song that was played at Kurt’s funeral twenty years ago and was believed to be loved by Kurt.

Muse also paid tribute to Kurt by playing the Nirvana song “Lithium” at their gig at Lollapalooza in Brazil.

Matt Bellamy said at the gig:
“Someone great died twenty years ago, this next song if for Kurt Cobain”.

Muse then went on to play “Lithium” the classic Nirvana song, one of their first, and one which rocketed the band to international success all those years ago.

You can see Muse’s performance of “Lithium” below