Gary Moore’s Guitars To Sell At Auction


Thin Lizzy guitarist Gary Moore will have some of his guitar’s auctioned off in the coming months. The Belfast born musician died back in 2011 after a heart attack .

Moore’s guitar technician Graham Lilley recently said that he will be auctioning some select equipment soon. Gary Moore left behind a selection of instruments, amps, cabinets and pedals when he passed.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph recently, Lilley said “A chunk of it will be retained by the estate for the time being. But there’s a lot of stuff left and it’s made to be played, to make a noise with, so somebody should make a noise with it.”

“It’s just trying to find the best way to do it. Some of it might find its way to auction websites, so anybody can bid on it, fans for example, and get a little piece of that heritage.”

He continued by saying “Quite a few of the bits have been viewed by one of the top-end auction houses. What will actually go in the sale is unclear at this moment,” adding that “We’re possibly looking at June, but there’s no reason that the less-documented stuff couldn’t go out before that.”

Photo Credit: Olivier Bourgi