Glastonbury Owner Reveals Why Queen Won’t Be Playing The Festival


Michael Eavis owner of Glastonbury farm has shed light on why Queen and Adam Lambert will not be playing at Glastonbury any time soon.

In a new interview, Eavis revealed that the band’s agent had posted a “hand-written postcard” in a bid to get a headline appearance for the rock band.


Speaking to the BBC the festival founder said:

“It almost worked, I tell you [it’s] not quite our thing. We had a whole row with [guitarist] Brian May about the badgers – do you remember all that?”

Eavis explained, referencing the spat between the pair regarding the farmer’s decision to advocate badger culling.

Eavis had given public support for Badger culling in 2013. To make things worse Eavis dubbed May “a danger to farming” in 2017. Eavis argued that the guitarist  “doesn’t know anything about it at all” when it came to farming and conservation of the animal.

Eavis was quizzed if that was why Queen was not likely to appear on future Glastonbury billings.  The farmer remarked: “Not really but it does have a bearing on it. I have to say, it does have a bearing on it.”

With The Cure and The Killers on board for Glastonbury 2019, the NME reports that another line-up announcement for the epic festival is expected soon.

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