HAIRlem Shuffle Anyone?


Mick Jagger has spent 50 years as one of rock’s better-coiffed frontmen and now that ‘do can finally be yours.

Well, a lock of it, anyway.

It turns out that the Rolling Stones singer left a few strands of hair behind after a presumably debauchery-filled night with his girlfriend at her parents’ farm during the early ’60s. Her family saved the hair, as you do when a superstar sheds in your home, and now it’s being auctioned off. According to the auction house, this rather bizarre keepsake is expected to sell for anywhere between €2000 and €3000.

It may all seem a little silly, but there’s a reason for Jagger’s hair auction happening now. As ABC News reports, proceeds from the sale are being donated to Changing Faces, a charity that offers support to people who have suffered disfigurements to their face, hands, or body. That still doesn’t really explain why anyone felt the need to treat a Stone’s hair like a family heirloom, but it’s hard to argue with such a good cause. Here’s hoping the sale raises plenty of funds and the new owner gets as much enjoyment out of the purchase as anyone possibly can derive from buying a bit of famous hair.