Happy 48th Birthday Slash!

Happy Birthday Slash.. 48 years of age today!

Did you miss the 2 shows that the man with Myles and the Conspirators put on at the Olympia back in March?? Good news – Long as you’re OK getting up early.. REALLY early!

Slash will wrap up his “Apocalytpic Love” tour this Thursday in Las Vegas, and the show will be streamed online via EvntLive.

EvntLive is an online concert venue that captures the excitement and shared experiences of live concert viewing with a global audience. Fans who can’t make it to Las Vegas for the Slash concert can log on starting at (Warning American times!!!) 9PM PT/Midnight EST on Thursday, July 25th to check out the show.

“We are thrilled to offer online access to one of the greatest musicians of all time, Slash, while giving fans from around the world an up close, personal and completely immersive experience,” said David Carrico, co-founder and chief marketing officer, EvntLive. “EvntLive is transforming how we experience concerts individually and with others, while getting right into the act wherever you are.”

Get the big speakers and the big TV set up to stream and bring the gig to yours, EASY! Oh wait.. Don’t forget for Irish viewers, we have to be up at 5AM!