Imelda May Reveals She Phoned Bono For Advice For Her New Album


Imelda May has revealed that she called Bono up for advice while putting her new album together.

Her latest album is called “11 Past The Hour”. The 46 year old credits regular phone calls with U2’s frontman in helping her to shape the record. The album also includes a collaboration with Noel Gallagher, which May said made her record feel sexy. More on that story here.

“I’ve only got a handful of people that I will ask when I really don’t know what to do. He (Bono) is one of those people for me, that I know will give me an honest opinion which is always great to have”, Imelda said.

“He’s brilliant, he encourages me and lots of people”, she added.

Made To Love

Imelda May said that Bono was particularly helpful with one of the album’s stand out tracks, “Made To Love”. Check out that track here.

“I just couldn’t get it right. That’s when I called Bono”, Imelda began.

She continued, “I said to him, ‘Am I flogging a dead horse on this? Because I’m very close to just throwing it out and starting a different one”.

“And he said ‘Don’t get rid of that song. You’re on the right track. I had the title as ‘Don’t Be Afraid to Love’ as the main title and he (Bono) just said ‘Maybe make that more positive, maybe ‘Made To Love’ instead”. 

May also added, “And I had a positive chord with a negative lyric, and he said ‘Maybe flip that around- maybe do a positive lyric with a negative chord to balance it”.


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May’s poem “You Don’t Get To Be Racist and Irish”

Imelda May also has no regrets about writing the poem “You Don’t Get To Be Racist and Irish”, despite online abuse.

“I’ll follow the path of love as much as I can, and I’m sure I’ll be vilified for it as I have been, for the last ten months after writing my poem. But I think love is worth the effort”.