Jarvis Cocker Confirms Pulp Reunion Shows For Next Year


Jarvis Cocker has confirmed that Pulp will return for a set of reunion shows next year.

Cocker confirmed this news during a Q&A session for his memoir, ‘Good Pop, Bad Pop’. He said that the band will reunite in 2023.

Last week, the Pulp singer had shared a teasing 15 second clip via Instagram, which prompted fans to speculate that a reunion could be on the cards for the band.

The instagram video shared by Cocker, included the following words on screen, “What exactly do you do for an encore?”.

These words are taken from a Pulp title track track from the album ‘This Is Hardcore’. Incidentally, this album reaches the 25th anniversary mark next year.

“deliberately cryptic”

Last night, Cocker had described his previous Instagram post, “deliberately cryptic”.

“It’s a line from ‘This Is Hardcore’… next year Pulp are going to play some concerts!”, he added. More on this here.

This news was also confirmed by the band’s drummer Nick Banks, who added that more news will be shared soon.

“Hey folks, unsurprisingly it’s all gone a bit mental on here”, Banks added. “Gig details will be revealed as and when”. 

“Stay calm, hug your Pulp records and dream of going mental sometime in 2023″. 

Pulp have not reunited for a live tour, since they took to the stage at Sheffield in December 2012.

“We got back together in 2011 and 2012 and we did quite a lot of shows and for me, that really brought that chapter to a satisfying end”, Jarvis Cocker said of these reunion shows back in 2020.

“We rehearsed for quite a long time and I think we’ve managed to play the songs convincingly and authentically, and by that I just mean that we managed to locate what the songs were about. They still rang true”. 

“I thought it was pretty much a perfect tour, really; and that was a good end to that. But then I just had to try and think about what I would do after that”.