John Squire On The Injury Which Threatened His Guitar Hopes


John Squire has spoken about a past injury which almost hampered his hopes of playing guitar.

Back in 2020, former Stone Roses guitarist John Squire revealed that he broke his wrist while playing basketball with his son, which almost put pay to his career as a string musician.

Squire has recently embarked on a musical collaboration with Liam Gallagher, with the pair having released their debut single ‘Just Another Rainbow’ earlier this month.

Liam Gallagher had previously hailed his new collaborator as “the best guitarist of his generation and in the world”. 

“did not panic me” 

Reflecting on sustaining that nasty injury back in 2020, John Squire insisted that he was unfazed by this adversity, stating that “it did not panic me”.

“There was a question mark over whether I would get full use of it back”, Squire added.

Despite the injury, the guitarist eventually picked up a guitar again, thanks to physiotherapy, and an intense guitar-playing regime.

Reports also said that this injury “didn’t just force him to play again; it reignited his desire to do so”.

When asked if he regretted not releasing more music in recent years, Squire replied, “There’d be a trade-off. I might not be married. I might not have as many children, and I might not have seen as much of them”. 

He added, “I don’t feel like I’ve massively f***** up”. 

Elsewhere, John Squire also hinted that a second collaborative album with Liam Gallagher was in the works. More on this from Nova here.