Keep The Faith – Richie Will Return


Bon Jovi has been having an excellent year. The group is currently the top grossing act of the year with over €130 million in earnings but fans still can’t ignore the fact that Richie Sambora has been absent for the lion share of the tour.

Peter Mantas, a former Bon Jovi stage manager, told USA Today, “It’s like the Lone Ranger without Tonto . . .

Richie Sambora is an essential piece of Bon Jovi. Most of the hits wouldn’t have happened without Sambora as the co-writer. Without Richie, it’s not Bon Jovi.

Remember, Sambora exited the tour in April and cited personal issues but later Jon Bon Jovi insinuated that Sambora may have relapsed which caused further distance between the two. Sambora told Bon Jovi to stop the trash talking during an interview the Daily Mail.

As recently as last week, Bon Jovi made it clear that he and Sambora were all good. He told the Detroit Free Press, “I love the man to death. He’s always going to be the guitar player in the band. He’s not been fired. There’s been no fight.”

This is a big year for the group as they celebrate their 30th anniversary and they’re playing their home state of New Jersey this week so many are asking will this mark Sambora’s return.