KISS Launch Their New Official KISS Branded Alcohol, COLD GIN

credit: Brands for Fans

Following the launch of last years’ Rum Kollection portfolio, KISS have launched their official KISS-branded gin. The rock legends have taken another step into the lucrative booze market with the launch of Cold Gin, which is available to pre-order from today (but due to Brexit and customs delays, the product will be available for shipping within the UK after July 25th).

A press release describes Cold Gin as “bold and uncompromising” and “inspired by the band’s roots in New York City”. This collusion of factors creates “a taste explosion that’s always cranked up to 11!”. If you are starting to get excited about this new drink, you are not alone as Paul Stanley certainly thinks; “Now it really is Cold Gin time!

Stanley cleverly references KISS’ 1974 classic Cold Gin. “If gin is your thing, then this is the one to bring. Like the song, this one’s a classic!” The drink was created in conjunction with Swedish company, Brands For Fans, the company responsible for the band’s rum exploits, as well as Motorhead’s Iron Fist Whiskey and Ghost’s Juniper Gin.

On the bottle’s design, the four members are depicted next to New York’s Brooklyn Bridge. The main label features a gold disc and various New York City and Manhattan landmarks, while the art deco pattern behind the disc is based on the scales of Gene Simmons’ demon boots.

But the most important question is, what does KISS Cold Gin taste like? According to the tasting notes, there is a promise of “clear tones of juniper, a generous aroma and classic gin character”, a well-balanced palate featuring “juniper, citrus and herbs, lemon peel and angelica root,” and a finish which “intensifies and grows in the mouth.”

KISS are known for their outlandish selection and quantities of merchandise. In the past, the band have sold their own casket, condoms, air guitar strings and deodorant. Sometime this year, the rock icons are also set to release their own brand of coffee in a new collaboration with Dead Sled Coffee. While there have not been many details revealed about the new venture, Dead Sled Coffee announced the news on their Instagram last year.

The company captioned the post “Coffee you were made for loving. The Officially Licensed @KISSonline coffee is coming in 2021.” Dead Sled Coffee’s mission statement read, “Dead Sled Coffee strives to create a culture of acceptance and respect no matter what your level of coffee knowledge is.”