Lars Ulrich – “We’ll Get There”


Metallica’s Lars Ulrich on new music: ‘We’ll get there’

A few years have passed since Metallica released their last studio album, 2008’s “Death Magnetic,” and fans are itching for a new release from the metal men. When asked about the band’s upcoming set, drummer Lars Ulrich explained that while he feels the pain of fans who want new music, the guys of Metallica aren’t looking to push a new album out on any kind of timetable.

“I understand there are people waiting for a new rec­ord, and so are we,” Ulrich told Rolling Stone. “But I can’t stress about it. It’s not like … ‘Hurry up and get this record out.’ Hurry up for what? So we can go play gigs? We already play gigs. We’ll get there.”

Still, having enough music for the release isn’t a problem for Metallica.

Ulrich says the band has “nearly 600 song ideas” already started for the upcoming set, which they worked on during practice sessions this year.


In the meantime..