Liam Gallagher Addresses Whether Or Not He’ll Perform ‘Definitely Maybe’ In Order On Anniversary Tour


Liam Gallagher has spoken about his approach to the setlist for his upcoming ‘Definitely Maybe’ tour.

The former Oasis lead singer will perform a string of live shows, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the band’s 1994 album of the same name.

This tour will even see Gallagher perform at Limerick’s Thomond Park on July 14 this Summer, which will see him perform Oasis classics ‘Live Forever’, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’, ‘Supersonic’, and ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’ among others.

Gallagher will also perform four shows at London’s O2, and the new Co-Op Live Arena in Manchester and more.

“mixed up”

On X/Twitter yesterday, Liam Gallagher was asked by a fan if he would be “following the original order of the tracks” featured on ‘Definitely Maybe’ at the dates, “or will it be mixed up?”.

Replying to this query, the singer said that the live set would be: “Mixed up” adding that he “can’t be singing ‘Live Forever’ [four] songs into the set”.

‘Live Forever’ is third on the LP’s tracklist, with Gallagher often performing the album’s first track ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’ to open his solo shows.

Gallagher rules out performing solo material at these shows 

Liam Gallagher also reiterated that he would not perform any solo material at these shows, replying with “Not a drop”, when asked by a fan on social media.

When asked about how many songs would be performed at these shows, Gallagher said, “I’m gonna start with 20″, adding: “and if my voice holds out up [or] what ever the hipsters call it these days I’ll up it to 30 then 40 then 50 I’ll show them”. 

He also named ‘I Will Believe’, the B-side to Oasis’ debut single ‘Supersonic’ as the song he is most enthused about performing live.

When another fan noted concern over his voice, the singer said, “I’ll bang out 15 in [a] boisterous manner then Drew [McConnell, bassist] will have to go to powder his nose it’s in his contract so I’m told then back on for the last 5 biggies”. 

“There’s your 20 songs can’t do any fairer than that Rkid”, Gallagher added.