The Libertines Still Interested In Doing Biopic


The Libertines are apparently very interested in doing a biopic about the band, and also they apparently wrote a sitcom together a few years ago. Carl Barat from The Libertines recently spoke about their plans for having their own movie.

Speaking to NME, Barat talked about the success of NWA’s movie Straight Outta Compton and how he would like to do something similar with the band. They have been heralded as one of the great stories in British rock over the last few years, with the way they rose to prominence.

“Well we’d like to write it ourselves,” Barât said. “We started writing a sitcom, based on when we lived on [London’s] Camden Road with events real and some of them largely fictional. But we don’t need the fictional ones ‘cos the real ones are just f**king batshit.”

When speaking about the idea of doing a biopic Barat didn’t rule it out, but he knew there is a lot of work that goes into it. Barat said “We haven’t really got a minute to think about that sort of thing right now. If you’re a screenwriter and you didn’t come out with something good out of that then you’d have to think about a new vocation.”

Photo Credit: scannerFm