Buy Gnomes That Look Like Oasis & The Stone Roses


The time for traditional gnomes is over, we have to move on and embrace the new rock n’ roll type gnomes from Manchester.

Gone are the days of red hats, blue coats and white beards dominating the gnome look, Noel and Liam have arrived to shake up your garden decor.

The Alternative merchandise website continues on their music themed gnomes. They started with the ‘Gnome Roses’, with the label ‘not made of stone’, they sold out very quickly.

Now the site has introduced a new line of products that include fellow Mancunians Oasis and New York punks The Ramones.

The Oasis collection is called ‘Definitely Gnomey’ and The Ramones figures are titled ‘Ranomes’ with the tagline ‘Hi Ho Let’s Go’.

The special edition ornaments are the creation of Andrew McDermid and Charlie Boyle.

Speaking about the gnomes, McDermid says: “‘We knew Liam, Bonehead etc loved the Gnome Roses, so we sent a set to everyone in the band.”


“Definitely Gnomey were born to allow the feisty Manchester rockers to share the same kudos as their legendary counterparts.”

“Bonehead was even offering us tips on how to use social media to best effect, advising that the Gnome Roses should have their own Twitter account.”

The lads claim that more music based gnomes could be coming out soon. In a press release it reads: “We spent all of last year turning band names into their equivalent gnome versions. But we didn’t want to take it too far, make ‘gnome’ mistake! ‘Ranomes’ were the natural choice for us, because they were distinctive enough, and have that unmistakable iconic look.”

Be careful you don’t step on gnome Liam, he may be little but he still has a temper.