Manics’ Guitarist Richey Edwards Missing For 20 Years


Manic Street Preachers’ guitarist and songwriter Richey Edwards has been missing for over two decades and his family still feel the pain of his absence.

Edwards’ sister Rachael Elias spoke about her family’s distress since his disappearance and the longing she felt to have closure.

The Manic’s guitarist vanished just before the band’s American tour was last spotted a London’s Embassy Hotel on February 1st. His car was found abandoned a fortnight after he was reported missing and Edwards was legally assumed dead in 2008.

Speaking to the The Mirror, Rachael said: “It’s not something you can escape from. You have to deal with the perpetual uncertainty of it all and I’d rather deal with it in a constructive way rather than wallowing in the what ifs, and where is he.

“It’s better to do things, be active and try and keep up the search instead, rather than not doing anything. Even though that may not influence the outcome, I may never know, it’s something I feel is more positive.”

“Despite what people may think, his disappearance really was out of character for him. He was always constantly there, if not physically, in conversation with you.  He was always passionate and professional about the band. He had never done anything like this before.”

Last year, Manic Street Preachers released a 20th anniversary edition of their 1994 album The Holy Bible.

The Holy Bible was the third studio album by the Welsh rockers. At the time the album was written, lyricist and guitarist Richey Edwards was struggling with severe depression. The album’s lyrics are considered by many to reflect his deteriorating mental state. The album was the band’s last with Edwards before his disappearance on February 1st 1995.