Masterful Manipulator McGregor Leaves Creepy Voice Message For Poirier

Conor McGregor lunges at Machine Gun Kelly at MTV VMAs

Conor McGregor has told Dustin Poirier that he is coming for him at UFC 264, calling the American a ‘silly hillbilly‘.

The Notorious posted a threatening voice message to Poirier on Tuesday morning, just days ahead of their trilogy fight in Las Vegas.

Speaking in the recording, McGregor said: “Dustin… pea head… I’m coming for you pea head… silly hillbilly.”

The Crumlin colossus referred to Poirier as pea head ahead of their first bout in 2014, but ditched the trash talk prior to their rematch earlier this year.

McGregor had previously explained as to why he referred to Poirier as pea head, saying “A pea head is like a, you know, a pea that you eat. It’s like a small little green pea. He just has an unusually small head I believe.”

But Poirier was confused by the nickname, saying: “You know I can’t even tell you the first time him calling me out. I think he called me pea head or something, which doesn’t even make sense to me. I don’t even know what that is.”