Metallica Have Announced An Awesome Line Of Watches


Metallica has aptly adopted the “time marches on” line from their iconic track “For Whom the Bell Tolls” to launch a line of watches. Created in conjunction with the Nixon watch company, photos of the time pieces are below.

The selection consists of eight standard models plus a ninth, limited-edition piece, with prices ranging from roughly €100 to €640. The starting set includes models named Corporal SS, Sentry Leather, Time Teller and 51-30, with each watch styled after one of the band’s records.

In a statement on the band’s website, Metallica said, “Nixon, are the perfect partner for us … independent and unique, with a focus on creativity and quality, and we’ve been looking forward to working with them again.

Our first experience back in 2010 saw us team up for a series of limited edition rocker watches using old guitar straps and leather jackets from various ‘Tallica members to create watch bands (with proceeds going to the Musicians Assistance Program). … Enjoy the line of Metalli-watches! This is just the beginning, as we have more ideas with our partners at Nixon for 2019!”

“Nixxon began in the ’90s in Southern California with the goal of ‘making stuff a little better’ with a line of custom-built watches, they have grown to become one of the premiere lifestyle watch companies, working with some of the greatest action sports athletes in history, including Tony Hawk, John John Florence, Leila Hurst and scores of others.”

The high range 51-30 Tide “Sanitarium” has a custom bezel with “prison bar” cage, and “insane/sane?” subdial and padded cell backing. The watches go on sale on Nov 5th.

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