Metallica Comic Book Biography Released


Metallica have released their latest biography in the form of a comic book.

The biography, called Orbit: Metallica, charts the iconic metal band’s formation and early career. The 28 page comic was written by Micheal L. Frizell and illustrated by Jayfri Hashim. Fans can choose between two different cover arts for their copy. These were designed by Avenged Sevenfold artist, David A. Frizell.

The first few pages of frontman James Hetfield’s story have already appeared on line. In one speech bubble he is seen saying, “Sabbath was everything that the 60’s weren’t, you know? Their music was cool because it was completely anti-hippie. Completely. I hated The Beatles”.

In April this year guitarist Kirk Hammett confirmed the band was a quarter of the way through making a new album. He said while they “have a lot of good songs” they have yet to begin recording in eanrest.

Photo credit: Stephen Kallao