Metallica Gift Street Performer New Drums After His Were Stolen


Metallica played philanthropist when they gift a Los Angeles street performer a new drum set after his was stolen last month. 

The performer in question, Sheriff Drumman, is well known in the Southern California area for his drum playing abilities. The musician plays music from the back of a pickup truck housing its own lighting and sound systems. 

Unfortunately for Drumman, his truck, along with all the equipment and instruments inside, were stolen last month. Grumman tried raising funds to replace the items using crowdfunding, but was surprised when, weeks later, Bay area locals and heavy metal legends Metallica dropped by to gift him a new drum set after hearing about the robbery. 

Metallica shared the story on their Twitter account, saying: “We’re honored to be able to help out a fellow artist. Keep the music going, Sheriff Drumman!”

According to LA’s NBC 4, Drumman was appreciative saying: “Man, thank you guys so much. Thank you for taking the time and the resources to support and help what I do. I love you for that.”

A representative for the band delivered the new set to Drumman on Tuesday (Jan. 18).

Following the robbery Drumman started a GoFundMe page “because I woke up this morning and my entire music truck was stolen from in front of my home. The truck included my drums, stage lights, sound system, fog machines, generator.”

Drumman added, “I’ve been drumming on the back of my truck driving throughout the city of Los Angeles California traveling to Vegas and every city that hits in between. Putting a smile on people’s faces for the last 5 years Growing my business from complete nothing and to … all of my things are gone.”

The performer had earned $20,000 of his $70,000 goal when Metallica reached out to replace his drum set.