MGMT Has Teased New Single ‘Little Dark Age’ – Check It Out!

The lighting was both ridiculously awesome and horrendous. It really depended on which 1/10th of a second you clicked on.

MGMT Has Teased New Single ‘Little Dark Age’ – The band are back after a four year wait!

After taking a break from music in 2013, MGMT confirmed during the summer that their new album, titled ‘Little Dark Age’ was finished.

Now, in October, the wait looks like it’s finally over as the band last week teased their Twitter followers with a ten second clip and the lyrics of their new song, also titled ‘Little Dark Age.’

The duo confirmed yesterday that the new track will premiere today on Beats 1 at 5PM GMT.

Fans have had to wait long enough for the bands return after expecting a comeback in 2016 but left disappointed when their hiatus was extended for another year.

If ‘Little Dark Age’ is anything like the artists famous tracks ‘Kids’ or ‘Time to Pretend’, then we’re in for a treat.

Check out the teaser below: