More new music from Fleetwood Mac?


Revealed! News songs were recorded last year.

Although they have just released their 4-song “Extended Play” EP, marking the group’s first original music in a decade, guitarist Lindsey Buckingham has revealed that more songs are in the pipeline.Buckingham told Billboard that eight songs, penned by himself, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, were cut with producer Mitchell Froom last year. Three of these – “Sad Angel,” “It Takes Time” and “Miss Fantasy” – were premiered on the new EP, along with “Without You”, a number from the Buckingham Nicks days prior to their joining Fleetwood Mac.”It may be too early to tell where things are going to go” said Buckingham, “it’s safe to say there is more than these four songs that you’re going to hear from Fleetwood Mac – it’s just a question of how and when.”

The guitarist also admitted that the minimalist approach of “Extended Play” have given the group a fresh perspective on recording new material, as opposed to the previous dramas Fleetwood Mac put themselves through in order to make an album.

“When I was growing up, EPs were all over the place…albums were not really an art form” says Buckingham. “The single was
the thing, and in some ways it has gotten back to that a little bit. The
whole thing is just kind of wide open now, and it really is tantalizing
to be able to put together just a few things, three or four songs on an

Fleetwood Mac arrive in Dublin this September!