Motorhead Forced To Cancel Show……Again


For the second time on their North American tour Motorhead had to cut a show short after only playing a couple of songs. This time they were playing in Austin, Texas and had to finish after just three songs.

Motorhead were playing at Emo’s in Austin,Texas when they had to stop due to Lemmy’s ill health. The band previously had to end a show early in Denver,Colorado because Lemmy was suffering from altitude sickness.

The band released a statement about the incident in Denver saying that he was ill but would be well enough for the upcoming shows in Texas. It appears that his return was premature and that he needs more time to recuperate after his sickness.

The band played two songs ‘Damage Case’ & ‘Stay Clean’ before Lemmy told the crowd how he had been sick. The rest of the band then launched into ‘Metroplis’ before Lemmy said “I can’t do it”.

Motorhead released a statement about the incident saying “Motorhead again had to abbreviate a performance due to Lemmy not feeling well,” adding that “It’s a direct follow-on the altitude illness in Colorado, clearly Lemmy tried to get back to quickly”.

You can see the moment that the show was stopped down below.


Photo Credit: kris krug