Music Legend Ringo Starr To Give A Drumming Masterclass!


Ringo Starr has become the latest to sign up as an instructor for a music course called Masterclass.

Starting on November 22, Starr will teach drumming and creative collaboration for this course.

The involvement of Starr with this course was announced by MasterClass during their First Look Event. They revealed their list of courses available, new learning intiatives and experiences designed to help poorer communities.

The course will also provide subscribers with access to tutorials and lectures in their respective fields. Along with Starr, other musicians to have previously taught at MasterClass include Carlos Santana, Tom Morello and Metalica.

Starr among the “greatest minds of our time”

Founder and CEO of MasterClass David Rogier also explained what the courses will entail.

“MasterClass puts you in the room with the world’s best, giving members unprecedented access to the greatest minds of our time”, he said.

“Today’s announcements will expand that opportunity with new classes, features, integrations and partnerships that will help deliver access to the platform to more people in more ways and in more places”.

Starr’s involvement continues a very busy year for the iconic drummer.

Having released his latest EP Change The World in September, Starr also collaborated with several famous drummers include Chad Smith to re-release Beatles track “Come Together”.

The much anticapated The Beatles: Get Back is also to be released on November 25, directed by Peter Jackson. Starr has heaped the praise on this documentary, calling it a “six hour masterpiece”.

Starr said, “We’re still hanging outPeter’s still doing it. He’s locked down in New Zealand because of the pandemic. Now the documentary is … a little longer now. It’s great. Peter Jackson is our hero. He’s done a great job. I love it, but I’m in it, of course, so six hours is never enough”. 

[Get Back]’s got the start, the middle, the finish. The start is very slow, and then we get into it, and then we’re at it. Then we’re out. I think everyone will enjoy it because you’ll see this band work really hard. We went through emotional ups and downs and get to where we got every time, but that’s just how it was. Four guys in a room, you’re gonna have a few ups and downs”. 

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