Noel Gallagher: ‘Every Single Song In The Top 10 Is The Same S**t’


Noel Gallagher has been speaking about the current state of the music industry and the problems he has with the singles chart at the moment.

According to the Mancunian: “If you’re No.1 in the charts now, it automatically means you must be s**t.”

The singer chatted with NME about some of the current popular artists and claimed that if Oasis formed today they “would have nowhere near the impact.”

During the Interview Noel said: “If you’re Number One in the charts now, it automatically means you must be s**t. Bands now go cap-in-hand to the industry and the industry has already decided what it wants for the f**king chart stars.”

“But the charts are all the f**king same. Every single song in the Top 10 is the same s**t with a different voice.”

“If Oasis were starting tomorrow we would have nowhere near the impact, because you’re judged instantly on your first gig, and then Radio 1 will judge you on how many f**king followers you’ve got on Facebook.”

“Oasis never had an A&R at Creation – we were given the f**king keys to the kingdom and they went, ‘Off you go, see you in a bit’. Now, the manager is accountable to the A&R guy, who’s accountable to the guy above him, who’s gonna lose his f**king job.”

Gallagher lamented the fact that the record industry has such a strangle hold over musicians. “The artist used to drive the industry, but the industry reacted to Britpop, or whatever it was. And now bands go to the industry and go, ‘What is it you want again? OK, I can do that.'”

“But when we all came along – and it wasn’t by design, it was completely accidental – the industry took a step back and was like, ‘What the f**k is this? These people are all drug addicts and maniacs, they’re gonna f**k the f**king share prices up! We need to get rid of these people!'”

Noel’s second solo album with High Flying Birds Chasing Yesterday is due out on March 2nd. He’ll be playing Dublin’s 3Arena on March 4th.