Noel Gallagher Speaks About Axl Rose Joining AC/DC


Noel Gallagher has recently spoken out over the recent rumours that Axl Rose could be joining AC/DC. Rose was spotted recently at the same rehearsal studio as AC/DC in Atlanta.

The original singer of AC/DC Brian Johnson was told that he could lose his hearing if he continued touring with the band. The rest of the band are now looking for a new singer, with Axl Rose seeming to be the prime candidate.

In a recent interview with Australia’s Triple M, Noel Gallagher spoke out about what he thought of the recent speculation. When he was asked about what he thought about Axl Rose joining AC/DC he said “It’s wrong, that’s wrong.”

Noel Gallagher was then asked about what he thought of Liam Gallagher joining his own band The High Flying Birds, to which he said “It would never happen would it?” He was then asked what he would say to Liam if he saw him, to which Noel replied “I’d say, behave yourself mate.”

Noel Gallagher and his High Flying Birds are currently on tour promoting their newest album Chasing Yesterday which came out last year. The band will be playing a number of dates across the UK this month, playing in places such as Glasgow and Liverpool.

Photo Credit: freschwill