Nothing Compares To The News That Sinéad O’Connor Is Touring


Irish music icon Sinéad O’Connor has just announced a 2019 Irish Tour which will include a headline show in Vicar Street.

Having left the stage four years ago on a journey of self-renewal, after something of a re-birth following her spiritual conversion Sinéad O’Connor will return to the heartlands of Ireland this Autumn to begin what promises to be an exciting musical year ahead after dropping a demo last summer and hinting at a music release in Autumn 2019.

Upon missing out on the Galway Arts Festival in 2015 Sinéad promised to go back to Galway to give the city something special in return; a unique, intimate performance. Sinéad will begin the tour at the Roisin Dubh on October 17th and finish at Vicar St in Dublin on Oct 27th.

Oct 17th – Róisín Dubh, Galway
Oct 24th – Spiegeltent, Wexford
Oct 26th – Opera House, Cork
Oct 27th – Vicar St, Dublin

Tickets are €45 on sale next Friday August 16th at  10am through

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According to a press release:

1970s Ireland was the backdrop from which Sinéad O’Connor began her life. Born into tragic times with her own tragic story, one among many from those days, Sinéad would not be defined by what was at that time beyond her control. Her spirit would blossom and bloom manifesting her gift, her voice.

Discovered by the drummer of well-known Irish band In Tua Nua, she co-wrote their first hit. Shortly after being discovered by Ensign records her first album ‘The Lion and the Cobra’ released in late 1987 reached Platinum sales. Sinéad had arrived.

From the early new wave explosion of ‘Mandinka’ to the multi–platinum soul of Prince’s ‘Nothing Compares to You’ Sinéad had left an indelible mark with her unique image and vocal style.

An artist beyond comparison – unique, uncompromising, a pioneer, a visionary are just some of the descriptions that might only touch the surface of Sinéad O’Connor. Embodying a voice with beauty and innocence, a spirit part punk, part mystic with a combined fearlessness and gentle authenticity. This voice as Sinéad’s unique expression would be echoed in the voices of other artists who she would inspire who came after.

Chart topping singles, hit albums, numerous awards an array of collaborations later and Sinéad’s spiritual journey would lead her through a turbulent, troubled and restless existence to find solace in Islam.

This year marks the return of Sinéad O’Connor and a new beginning that will see Sinéad bring out new music and tour the world once again as one of the true and original living greats of our time. 

Sinead O’Connor, Nothing Compares To The News That Sinéad O’Connor Is Touring