Panic! At The Disco Are Planning To Go Heavy Metal!


Panic! at the Disco are mostly famous for their particular pop-rock style, but the group have revealed that is they want to produce a heavier type of offering. Lead singer Brendon Urie recently said that they take pride in their varied sound and may lurk into the crunchier world of heavy metal.

Speaking to Rocksound.TV via Loudwire, Urie said they feel they can go further,

“I always feel as though I need to be more diverse. Yes, all of the Panic! albums do sound different and have their own vibe, their own aesthetic and imagery, but I still feel like I can do more[…]particularly in terms of genres.”

The vocalist explains he revisited an old song, The Calendar and beefed it up,

“I want to do a metal project in particular. I actually just played something for my bandmates recently – we have an old song called ‘The Calendar’ and I made a metal version of it from years back. It’s like 90 seconds long and is really fun. Who knows, I might even put that out on SoundCloud on a whim some time soon!”

Brendon Urie, appeared in a Broadway show, Kinky Boots, last year, and the singer admitted he’d love to bring a Panic! at the Disco musical to a theatre in New York,

“Maybe we could do that! Maybe we could tell the story of the origins of the band, going right the way back to the beginning… I would love to. That would be great!”

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