Papa Roach Are Trolling Paul Ryan On Twitter


Papa Roach are trolling the one and only Paul Ryan on twitter and its highly entertaining.

The rockers took to twitter to take the piss out of Ryan after reports were circulating around the internet that he was a fan of the band.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan had been having a difficult day at work after he was forced to pull the American Health Care Act, which was designed as a means of repealing Obama’s healthcare act. After the act failed to get enough votes for it to pass, Paul Ryan had to go to President Trump and inform him their master plan to repeal Obamacare had failed.

It was then reported that while he was leaving, he hopped into the car and Papa Roach’s “Last Resort” came blasting out from the car. While the reports have been confirmed as false, that didn’t stop Papa Roach from having fun over the whole thing.