Paul McCartney Hopes To Release Another New Album Soon


It’s reported that Macca could produce a speedy follow up to 2018’s Egypt Station. That record was the former Beatle’s first U.S. No. 1 album since 1982.

Speaking to The Mirror, McCartney said he didn’t want to hang around too long before working on a new album. He also said that “writing music is still a thrill. Out of nowhere, you produce a rabbit. If you get one you like, it’s a great feeling.”

His next release of tracks could potentially drop in the form of a record of sound-check improvisations. Speaking of the jam sessions, McCartney said:

“Some of them are really good and they could fool you into thinking that’s a real song. When you pull it off, it’s nice. It’s a little treasure trove! And one day we will have to put together an album, or something, with a selection of these songs that we’ve gathered.”

McCartney also admits that fellow members of his current band sometimes have to jog his memory when it comes to him playing his old tunes, That’s because he struggles to remember them all.

According to UCR, McCartney has been associated with a vast back catalogue of more than 1,000 songs.

The Beatles in their own right are attributed with releasing a total of 213 songs. 71 of those tracks charted in the U.S. and 20 went to No. 1.

McCartney admitted that it’s a bit like starting over when he rehearses:

“I have to re-learn everything. I’ve written an awful lot,” “You can’t retain them all. We go in rehearsal and I’m, ‘Oh yeah, that’s how it goes.’”

Asked if he thought his work was good, The Beatle replied: “I do, I really do. … Some of the old songs you say, ‘Oh, that’s clever, I wouldn’t have done that.’”

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