Paul Simon Could Take A Break From Music


Paul Simon has revealed that he could be taking a break from music in the near future. In a new interview, he has stated that he may explore his creative tendencies outside of music.

Even though Paul Simon is releasing a new album Stranger to Stranger later this month on April 29th, he feels it could be time to take a break from music.

Speaking in a recent interview with Bob Boilen on NPR he said that “I really wonder what would happen to my creative impulses, which seem to come on a regular basis; every three, four years everytime they manifest themselves.”

He continued by saying “By habit they manifest themselves as songs. But this is really the decision of a 13-year old. Me, who said, at 13, ‘No, I want to write songs.’ So I’m doing it 60 years later. This 13-year old is still telling me what to do. But I wonder what happens if I simply prohibit myself from expressing whatever the creative urge is, if I do not allow that to happen in song or music form.”

Paul Simon has said that he doesn’t think that he will write a novel, but instead this break is to see where his creative impulses take him “The point is to find out where the mind goes, and what I’m secretly hoping is that it goes to some sort of spiritual place that gives you some explanation for a question or a mystery that I haven’t answered by creating music.”

Photo Credit: wdecora