Paul Weller Announces New Album Entitled ‘Fat Pop’ Volume 1


Paul Weller has announced his 16th solo album entitled ‘Fat Pop’ (Volume 1).

The new record will be released on May 14 and is available to save or pre-order here. To celebrate the news, Paul Weller has released the lead single from the album called ‘Cosmic Fringes’ and you can check it out below.

When the world was locked down last year, Weller decided to write new music to keep him sane. He had a plethora of new ideas for songs stored on his phone and began working on the vocals, piano and guitar in isolation.

He then sent the material to his band members drummer Ben Gordelier, guitarist Steve Cradock and bassist Andy Crofts who fleshed out the tracks.

Once restrictions were eased, the band reconvened at Weller’s studio in Surrey to finish off the album.

A press release read as:

“We may be cursed to be in the midst a global pandemic, buffeted by all of its stresses and pain. But everyone knows that art provides succour, that music is the most reliable balm. And for many there is further significant comfort to be drawn from the knowledge that Paul Weller is in the midst of an unbelievably prolific purple patch. Paul Weller will not let us down when we need him most.”

The addition of ‘Volume 1’ to the album title suggests that there may be another instalment of Fat Pop in the future. The new record has many styles throughout it which highlights the versatility of Weller and his band.

Fat Pop (Volume 1) has a tribute to Iggy Pop called ‘Moving Canvas’ while the lead single is synth infused with a future sound. There is also a moving balled called ‘Still Glides The Stream’ and you can see the full track list below.

Last year, Paul Weller released ‘On Sunset’ and streamed a live performance entitled ‘Mid-Sömmer Musik’ and that live performance is included in the deluxe formats of ‘Fat Pop’.

Other releases include a vinyl exclusive on Amazon and indie record stores, individual cassettes from Paul’s artist store and various other indie shops.

Noel Gallagher said recently that Paul Weller was working on a new album, so Weller’s announcement is no surprise, but is welcomed.


Fat Pop (Volume 1) track list

  1. ‘Cosmic Fringes’
  2. ‘True’
  3. ‘Fat Pop’
  4. ‘Shade Of Blue’
  5. ‘Glad Times’
  6. ‘Cobweb / Connections’
  7. ‘Testify’
  8. ‘That Pleasure’
  9. ‘Failed’
  10. ‘Moving Canvas’
  11. ‘In Better Times’
  12. ‘Still Glides The Stream’